Ohio fines Andreas Spang 20% of purse for post fight fracas

Andreas Spang will still fight in Bellator's season-six middleweight-tournament finale, but he'll do so with fewer bucks in his pocket.

Ohio Athletic Commission Executive Director Bernie Profato today told the media that Spang has been fined 20 percent of his $30,000 fight purse ($6,000) for instigating a post-fight scuffle at Bellator 66 with .

Spang also shoved opponent Brian Rogers at Bellator 66's weigh-ins.

Bellator 66 took place at Cleveland's I-X Center, and the night's main card aired on MTV2. Spang (8-1 MMA, 1-0 BFC), a late replacement for injured Bruno Santos, survived a two-round beating before scoring a shocking comeback-knockout of Rogers in the night's co-headliner and a tournament-semifinal fight.

However, after the fight, Bellator officials brought in his Bellator 70 opponent for the tournament finale: Maiquel Falcao, who defeated Vyacheslav Vasilevsky via unanimous decision earlier in the night. But like he did to Rogers, Spang immediately shoved Falcao (30-4 MMA, 2-0 BFC) once the fighters went forehead to forehead.

That prompted a brief scuffle (watch the video), though Bellator commentator Jimmy Smith and matchmaker Sam Caplan helped quickly separate them.

"When you come here to fight, we ask for four things: self-respect, respect for your opponent, respect for those who regulate and promote the sport, and self-discipline," Profato said. "He went zero for four."

Profato said he initially planned to suspend Spang six months because of the shoves. However, after an unofficial appeal from Bellator officials and Spang, who would have been forced to scratch from the tournament finale, Profato gave the fighter the option to choose a 20 percent fine or the suspension.

"When you get in their pockets, that can be a true eye-opener," said Profato, who said the fine goes to a general state fund and not to the Ohio Athletic Commission. "We're just not going to stand for that stuff. ... He took away from a great event."

Profato said Spang has the option to appeal the punishment, but as he told the fighter, two Ohio commissioners were in attendance at Bellator 66, and, "I guarantee you they will hold [the fine] up since that crap doesn't fly here." Additionally, Profato plans to contact the Louisiana Boxing & Wrestling Commission, which regulates the tournament finale at Bellator 70 on May 25, and suggest they give Spang a short leash for any future infractions.

Spang earned $30,000 ($15,000 to show and $15,000 as a win bonus), and he was fined 20 percent of the full amount. Falcao received no punishment because "he was only protecting himself," Profato said.

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