Knockout of the Night winner Siyar Bahadurzada: X-ray to determine return his return

An X-ray taken today will determine the damage to his hand and his expected recovery window.


“Hopefully it’s not broken. If it’s not broken, I’ll be ready to fight again soon.”

“When the fight starts, it starts mentally, Then it gets physical. If you back down mentally, you’re done. It’s over. And when you make it a point to not back down mentally, you confuse him, and that’s when you start winning the fight.”

“Paulo Thiago’s a tough guy. He might be used to backing down people mentally, but it didn’t happen to me. Maybe that confused him.”

“A lot of people have difficulty with my style of fighting because my style of fighting is a weird style,It’s my timing.”

“But I think I will always be the underdog. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because of my style; maybe it’s because people don’t know me yet. I don’t have any trouble with that.”

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