Jones Opens Up As Huge Favorite Over Hendo

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon “Bones” Jones opens up as a -565 favorite over the challenger and former Pride and Strikeforce Champion, Dan Henderson, who is the underdog at +385.

Looks like they give Hendo a slight more chance to defeat Jones compared to Evans.

With a rumored UFC 149 July 21 fight date in Calgary, Hendo will have some time to prepare himself for one of the world’s top pound for pound fighters.

With Jones delivering victories in all of his title defenses and only going the distance once since capturing the title, the betting numbers are now significantly on his side.

But Dan Henderson is not a challenger to be taken lightly. At 41, Hendo has the experience and skills to make this a war between old school and new school. He is one H-bomb/TRT-bomb away from victory.

Numbers don’t mean anything inside the octagon and anything can happen.

Do you think Hendo has what is takes to take the belt from Jones?


BTW, the way betting companies show odds in US sucks big time. Do it like Europe(Decimal Odds) easy as hell to see the numbers.

Jones 1.18 vs Hendo 4.85

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