Fighters testing for PEDs go 0-3 in Nevada

The Nevada State Athletic Commission went through a 36 item agenda today that included three fighters who tested positive for PEDs:
Shawn Fitzsimmons, MMA;
Javier Flores, Boxing; and of course,
Alistair Overeem, MMA.

Fitzsimmons said he went to a testosterone clinic and that in retrospect the testing was insufficiently thorough in diagnosing low testosterone, which led to providing Testosterone Replacement Therapy. He had his bout result changed from a win to a No Contest, forfeited his $1,500 win bonus, was fined 30% of his show money, and was suspended for nine months.

Flores said he thought he was receiving vitamin B-12. Flores lost the bout in question, but otherwise received an identical punishment - he was fined 30% of his show money, and was suspended for nine months.

Overeem said he thought he was receiving an anti-inflammatory, and did not know it contained testosterone. He of course must wait nine months before reapplying.

However, the Commisson did show some sympathy.

The suspension start-date was backdated to the failed March 27 drug test, meaning Overeem is free to apply again on Dec. 27. Commissioner Francisco Aguilar suggested Overeem could still fight on the UFC's New Year event, although his future with the company is not assured.

Commissioner Bill Brady went on the record saying that Overeem's punishment was worse than if he had tested positive post fight, as he will earn no prize money for the next nine months, whereas if he had been caught post fight, he would still have 70% of his show money.

It remains to be seen whether ZUFFA managment extends a degree of sympathy, or not.

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