Jones: I can't wait to put Rashad out of his misery

UFC.com just interviewed Lightheavyweight champion Jon Jones, who talks about his plans for Rashad Evans, who is attempting to get back the title, after the two 'divorced' last year as Rashad left Jackson's MMA.

"Jealousy fuels Rashad, to some degree," said Jones." I think it's safe to say, ya absolutely, absolutely safe to say. I think it's very weak emotionally on his part. That's why I can't wait for this fight to be over. I have no problem with him. Right now, I have my kids, I have my girl, we have our place together, I'm following my dreams, I'm doing the right things in life, I'm on the right track.

"Rashad is the one who looks at this whole story like, this guy's went off and created his own team and he's left the people who were there for him in the beginning. He's the one who is going through this whirlwind in life right now. And I just can't wait to put him out of his misery, and solidify me being the light heavyweight champion, and then telling him to go have a seat somewhere.

"I'm a completely different fighter since the time he held me down in practice. It's just night and day. He's truly picking a fight with my past. I think when he gets out there he's going to realize there's different combinations,  there's different size and strength, there's a whole different kid out there that he's against.

"To finish this fight is one of my goals for 2012, whether it is by knockout or submission, I'm not going to put a title on it. I realize when people are struggling for knockouts, that's when you don't get a knockout. If you are looking for a submission the whole time, that's when you don't get a submission.

"So I'm going to go out there and have fun. I'm going to play the game that I love so much, and that I've dedicated my whole life to.

"And whether me or Rashad become friends again in the future, only God knows. One thing that is inevitable is respect. Once you go out there and put it on the line, there will be respect.

"And I can't wait to have his respect."


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