Bulked up Fedor Emelianenko about UFC, Josh Bernett and next fight

- Your promoter Vadim Finkelstein, has recently said that his next fight you will spend the summer or fall. Can you say anything more specific about this?

- The time when the battle will take place, I can name right now - it's June or July. But at the place where the fight will take place, we have not decided yet.

- Where would you most like to fight: Russia, Japan, where you will enjoy almost as much as at home, or maybe in the U.S.?

- Of course, I would like to come home for his countrymen. But by far the most powerful and influential organization of MMA is located in America. This UFC. Therefore, to meet with the best fighters I have to travel to the United States.

- One of the most intriguing fights in your career could be a fight with Josh Barnett. But in 2009 he never took place. Would you still meet with the American? And what are the chances that soon you will rival a similar level?

- Vadim is currently in talks about it. Much depends on it. I think in the near future, the situation becomes clearer. As for Burnett, it was the third time, when we broke off the fight with him. But to be honest with him I would not want to fight. I really sympathize with Josh, and we had been friends for a long time. Perhaps he is the only fighter with whom I had not wanted to meet in the ring.

- In Las Vegas, May 26 will fight for the title of champion of the UFC heavyweight division between the Brazilian Junior dos Santos and the Dutchman Alistair Overeem. Do you think they are the strongest at the moment the men in the world?

- Yes, I think they are one of the strongest heavyweights at the moment.

- Recently in the U.S. press reported that you can meet with former UFC champion in the heavyweight Cain Velasquez. What can you say about this?

- We do not have agreements. To date, no certainty in the relationship with the UFC does not. Maybe in the near future, something clear.

- Velasquez calls you his idol, and says that he considers you the best heavyweight of all time. You can select the fighters, even completing a career that made the greatest contribution to the development of mixed martial arts?

- I am interested to watch the performances of the top five rankings UFC. Contribution to the development of MMA? If we go by personalities, it's all the same Barnett, Mirko Filipovich, brothers Nogueira, Randy Couture.

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