Vadim Finkelstein about the rebranding of the M-1 to MMA-1

Vadim Finkelstein said in an interview in detail about why there was a rebranding of the company M-1 MMA-1 Hello, Vadim. At the last February 16 press conference, it was announced about a new brand of MMA-1.   Tell us what is involved in the transition to a brand of MMA-1 from M-1?  This transition is very important. Our sport is now becoming very popular and we are approaching the stage where the world should be one name. Whether it's Brazil, China, America, Europe, everyone knows the name of the MMA - Mixed Martial Arts (trans. mixed martial arts). M-1 gets its name from Mixfight-1. No country in this kind of martial arts do not call mixfight.  We decided to use a more accurate statement.  Why in the name used is the number 1? We just can not use the MMA as a brand will not be able to protect the clock as it is commonly accepted throughout the world the name of our sport. MMA-1, we can register and protect our brand.We need to identify our brand of MMA in the title used by many, adding a different word.  We chose one, because we were the first in Russia began to develop a mixed martial arts. Will there be any change in strategy, concept, corporate colors in connection with a change in name? our team remains the same, we will work in the same direction: to develop and promote Mixed Martial Arts. Perhaps there will be some changes. We have taken the first step, renamed the MMA-1. We want to have fans of our sport there was no confusion. Now as soon as the call is not MMA, you can hear the MMA, pankration, frifight, MMA.  But all these incorrect name. We plan to soon reregister and he will be called MMA-1. All of our rebranding is designed for the viewer to form an understanding that it is a our sport. Why tournament in St. Petersburg will be held under the auspices of the MMA- 1? From this, we decided in 2012 to specify the name of our sport. Tournament on March 16 in St. Petersburg - the first tournament that we are organizing this year. In addition, our first tournament held in St. Petersburg and the city is rightly called the capital of the mixed martial arts.

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