FEBRUARY 23RD 2012 Rodrigo Nogueira thinks his fellow Brazilians face an uphill battle when fighting in the US. The former Pride FC champion told Brazilian news portal OGlobo that the decision in close fights always, in his opinion, goes against the Brazilians. “Americans have a rivalry with Brazilians, that is obvious. And why is that? It’s because the UFC has three hundred fighters under contract, and from those three hundred fighters we are fifty. The Brazilians are fifty, and we have more belts than they do. “So from three hundred we are fifty, and with those fifty we get there and take care of business. They win (more) because they have more (people), they have a bigger infrastructure inside their gyms, they have support for the sport since they’re kids. But the sport is growing in Brazil and I believe that... “They look at us with (malicious) eyes, let’s say it like that. If you’re going to fight an American in the US you have to win the fight with emphasis because otherwise… You can’t win it by a thin margin.”

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