Cesar Gracie Says Nick Diaz Clearly Beat Carlos Condit At UFC 143, Disgusted With Judges

“No I don’t obviously [think Condit won], he clearly won that fight. I’ve been there when Nicks lost fights and have told him you kind of let that one go… But this fight it was very clear. I was kind of shocked when I was in the cage, we were pretty much all in disbelief especially when the judges scores where read… If you repeat that first round five times you’re still gonna lose because every judge had Nick losing that first round, so there was nothing we could have done… In my opinion I don’t think the judges like Nick. He talks in the ring, Carlos was running in the ring and at one point Nick slapped him and told him to stop running. Nick thought it was going to be a dog fight… I don’t know what the judges where looking at. They don’t like Nick in Vegas, they never award him a decision there except the BJ fight and we almost had to kill BJ to get that. I don’t think we can get a fair fight, I don’t think we can get fair judging in that state at all… I don’t know how they scored it that way I truly don’t. … If Nick would have been knocked out by Carlos I would have felt better about it than I do right now” Cesar Gracie just moments ago went on MMAFighting.com’s “The MMA Hour” to discuss his disgust for last weekend’s UFC 143 main event between Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit. The MMA world is still torn in half in regards to who actually won the fight but in the end, the judges, not the fans, coaches or fighters make the final call.

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