FEBRUARY 22ND 2012 Approaching a long-awaited revenge match against Anderson Silva, Chael Sonnen is likely to get another chance to prove he can fight as well as he provokes. Despite the American thinking he is the real middleweight champion, featherweight champion Jose Aldo doubts his countryman Anderson will lose his belt if the rematch confrontation happens in Brazil this June, as is expected. For the featherweight champion, Silva has to go full force at his antagonist Sonnen. “The chance for Sonnen to win is zero. If I were Anderson I would look to humiliate him so much here in Brazil, make him never think of stepping into the ring anymore,” he told Sportv.com. Aldo also said the Brazilian fans should not pay attention to Sonnen’s various utterances about them and their country. He also ridiculed Sonnen’s recent affiliation with the Palmeiras soccer team, which counts itself a bitter rival of the Corinthians team which sponsors Anderson. “He doesn't even know what is the team. He doesn't know anything about Palmeiras history. No Brazilian can give any moral credence to him. I doubt Palmeiras will do it,” said the featherweight Scarface, who also claimed that if it was necessary, he would face Sonnen himself. “I face him of course. I will fight anyone - except other Brazilians, and very tall guys,” he laughed.

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