Fedor wins by decisions over Jeff Monson

Sun 20 Nov(Moscow)

Fedor Emelianenko won over by decision Jeff Monson in a battle that lasted for 3 rounds. Fedor started to throw low kicks against Monson’s lead front kick in a high volume in the first round.

Fedor did also a good job not to get tricked by Monson and didn’t stayed down for long moment and stood up every time they went down on the canvas. The second and third round were like the first round. Fedor did a good job keeping his cool and stood up and avoided the ground game. He even tripped Monson at one time by a Sambo trick. It looked like something you would learn on a self defense course.

He definitely needed this win to recover some of his lost self esteem.

After the fight Fedor said: “I am a new Fedor”.

The next fight for Fedor is rumored to be in Japan against Olympic Judo Gold medalist Satoshi Ishii sometimes next year.

Persian MMA

Russian prime minister who hold a Samboblack belt and personal friend of Fedor congratulates Fedor.

Fedor's next opponent(rumored) Satoshi Ishii

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