Fedor Emelianenko’s mixed martial arts future post Silva fight

2011-03-08 A month has passed since Fedors last match against Big Foot Silva.

Now that the dust has settled we should start discussing what went wrong and what need to be done if any.

T o start with let’s talk Fedor vs. Werdum: I believe Fedor had very little time to train(less than 7 weeks) and preparing for the fight. We also know he had an injury that hadn’t healed properly.

I also don’t like all the promotion events that Fedor have to do before all the fights recently. It does take time and destroys your training routine.  His game plan was probably KO Werdum in the 1th round. We all know how it ended. Had it been a couple of minutes into the fight it would have been impossible for Werdum to hold Fedor since by then both fighters would have been sweaty and Fedor would have easily escaped.

Moving on to the HW GP I believe Big Foot Silva was the wrong opponent to pick for Fedor. Again here the fight was announced just less than 2 months before the fight. Fedor coming from a loss in summer 2010 and Silva from a victory just 2 months earlier. The best opponent for Fedor would have been Werdum again. He would have won over him and wiped out all the critic against him and won tremendous self esteem at the same time. You can imagine being called the best MMA fighter your entire life and then lose making a stupid mistake against Werdum. So again a rematch against Werdum would have been the best for Fedor. Perhaps not the best for Strikeforce’s 1th HW GP event but the best for in the long run. Now to the Fedor vs. Silva fight. During the weigh ins Silva looked extremely dry and one might wonder how he gained so much weight in 24 hours. From what I could understand Silva only agreed to the required doping testing. There was no Olympic style testing done with other words. Readers not familiar with these needs to understand the big difference between these tests.We also need to discuss the different cultures and acceptance around the world when it comes to doping.


Readers can read more here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Use_of_performance-enhancing_drugs_in_sport I am not stating that Silva was using doping but I think we can demand an explanation how he could gain 25-30punds (11-14kg) in 26 hours. Perhaps he has a perfectly legal secret. Reasons Fedor lost the fight: - Silva’s weight advantage. - Fedor’s short preparation time for the fight(compare it to Overeem vs. Werdum’s 6 months)Not enough time to reach the level of cardio he usually has.  As Werdum said during the post press conference “he finish cardio”. When you age you lose speed this can be compensated by strength and more muscles. Look at some old picture from Pride. Fedor packs much more muscle back then. Meeting Silva cardio and gaining more strength would have been priority 1. - Silva’s successful takedown in the beginning of the 2nd round. He had enough of Fedor’s punches. - Silva did the exact same thing against Fedor as he did in December against Mike Kyle. So either Fedor had the wrong game plan or he didn’t implement the game plan. One of the first things Fedor said was that he did the exact opposite thing he was suppose to do and I believe that being the case. The reason is something only Fedor personally can answer. The above are based on known facts. Let’s break it down even further. Fedor didn’t lose the fight technically. His striking skill was much more superior then Silva in the 1th round. The single biggest mistake Fedor made was the extremely fast succeful takedown by Silva immediately after the bell rang in the 2nd round. Without a doubt something his corner told him to do to avoid the punches. I can assure you even Silva’s chin is massive it would give break if they would have boxed in the 2nd round also. I disagree with everyone who says Silva was good at the ground. He wasn’t able to finish. If Fedor would have been at his normal ground skill standard he would have beaten Silva easily. I also think that Sambo IS far superior for MMA ground fighting then BJJ. The fight was an incredible and exiting fight to watch.


I am also happy that the fight ended by doctor’s stoppage instead of something else in the 3rd round. The atmosphere after the fight was almost like being at a burial ceremony. Scott Cocker left from ringside almost running and looking very disappointed. At the post press conference Alistair Overeem looked very disappointed. Barnett: Fedor have not trained with good training partners Werdum: he finish cardio Most common: big weight difference, how can he gain so much weight in 1 day MMA fans have to understand that many millions of dollars were lost that evening. I am however impressed however how Strikeforce’s Scott Cocker put out the possibility of Fedor as an alternate and/or Fedor fighting Werdum/Overeem loser. Definitely an asset for Strikeforce organization.

After the fight:

Below are some of the most common opinions and what I think of them: Fedor’s training partners are not high caliber. He needs new trainers and new camp. We have no idea who Fedor trains with or how big they are. As Overeem put it Fedor is a mysterious fighter and I think this is the best way to keep it. I am however saying that changes need to be done. If a fighter needs new skills or new fresh ideas this means he needs new people around him. Even if Fedor don’t want to replace his trainers he can add new ones to his camp. Fedor need to drop to 205 205 divisions is a mess in all fight organizations. Also in my opinion Fedor needs to gain weight not lose weight. Fedor needs to go to UFC Don’t forget a couple of things. Fedor doesn’t need to fight for money anymore. He fights because he wants to. Also he owns a share in M1-Global. They will air their first live show with showtime soon. At the rate MMA is growing worldwide I say this was a very good investment. He is also very good friend with M1-Global manager Vadim Finkelstein. Fedor needs to retire


Fedor fights for himself and this decision is totally his. I believe at 34 he still definitely has many good years of fighting ahead of him. Look at Henderson or Couture for example. He has already stated that he is not retiring. Fedor need to find the fighting spirit again after his 2 losses. It is a pity he was not able to fight the national Sambo championship because of his 90 day suspension. A win there would have healed some of the psychological wounds.He needs to do whatever possible to change things around. Find new trainers in BJJ, boxing, kickboxing, etc… Bring in world class training partners. Fedor is loved by everybody.  And everyone would love to train with him preparing him for a fight. Get a diet coach and a cardio/strength trainer. Get the old injuries fixed by whatever means.

I am sure I can help with this part and with supplements. /Michael Zand – Persian MMA

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