Fedor can't fight national sambo tournament


It was announced today that Fedor will not fight in national sambo tournament to be held this weekend in St. Petersburg, Russia.   NJSACB(new jersey state athletic control board) legal counsel Nick Lembo today told us fighters who competed under medical suspension typically had their fight license revoked for one year in addition to being placed on a national registry that would in all likelihood bar them from competing in states with athletic commissions.   M-1 Global director of operations Evgeni Kogan said to have realized it was not in Emelianenko's best interest to compete this weekend after an exchange of e-mails between Lembo and M-1 officials.

Smart decision if you ask me.

Being suspended for a year in US is a long time. Below: Latest photo of Fedor. His eye has healed very well =)

BTW, watch this video Fedor vs. Silva (Gracie Breakdown)

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