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Dana White: No UFC events In California If CSAC Bill Passes

Assemblyman Luis Alejo introduced a bill in California with the intention of "cleaning up" MMA, which passed the assembly last week with a 5-3 vote. The bill introduces a code of conduct which would allow the state athletic commission to take action against fighters who use "hate speech," slurs, engage in sexual assaults and so on. The bigger issue is that there is language in the bill that could directly challenge the contracts of the UFC.

In particular, the bill calls the following a violation of the new code of conduct on the part of a promoter (Fight Opinion has the easiest to find/read versions of the bill):

(1) Assigns any exclusive future merchandising rights to a promoter for an unreasonable period beyond the term of the promotional contract.
(2) Automatically renews a promotional contract or extends the term without good faith negotiation, or extends the term of any promotional contract of a fighter who participates in a championship contest for a period greater than 12 months beyond the existing contract termination period.
(3) Unreasonably restricts a mixed martial arts fighter from obtaining outside sponsorship from a firm, product or individual.
(4) Requires a mixed martial arts fighter to relinquish all legal claims that the fighter has, or may acquire in the future, against the promoter beyond assumption of the risks Inherent in the sport ofmixed martial arts and the Fighter participation in Pre and Post Bout events and activities.
(5) Requires a fighter to grant or waive any additional rights not contained in the promotional contract as a condition precedent to the fighter's participation in any Contest.

Obviously the first point is something that the UFC has done in the past and led to falling out with Jon Fitch and American Kickboxing Academy for a brief period. The second is a minor challenge to the "championship clause." The third is the standard UFC approval of sponsors and eliminating options from fighters. And so on.


Basically, the standard UFC contract would violate the code of conduct and thus the state would be able to suspend the UFC's promoter license.

In response to this, Dana White simply said that if the bill fully passes and is implemented, they'll stop running shows in the state of California (via The Orange County Register):

"Do you know what's going on in Sacramento, right now?" White said. "They are trying to pass this bill to raise our taxes and do a bunch of crazy (expletive) to us. They voted 4-2 for the bill. There were a couple of people not present to vote on it. If that thing passes we won't do anymore fights in California. All kinds of crazy (expletive) they're trying to throw in this bill for MMA. You know who's doing it? The Culinary Union from Las Vegas. These guys have been (expletive) with us in New York, too. That's why we're not in New York. These guys got a bunch of lobbyists together to try to pass this bill against MMA. They are putting pressure on my partners, the Fertitta brothers, because they own the fourth-largest gaming company in the country and they are non-union."

It's a story that demands close attention going forward and we'll make sure to bring any updates worth sharing going forward.

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FX and UFC 'going to switch some things up' for future 'TUF' seasons

While officials say they're satisfied with the first season of "The Ultimate Fighter: Live" on FX, changes are on the way.

This season of the UFC's long-running reality series is the first on FX (after seven years and 14 seasons on Spike TV) and the first to feature live fights.

While UFC president Dana White believes many folks have painted a far-too-bleak picture of "TUF: Live," he said some changes are going to be made for future seasons.

"TUF: Live" has recorded the lowest ratings in series history, and episode No. 5 bottomed out with an all-time-low 947,000 viewers earlier this month. But in key demographics, the show continues to be among cable's highest-rated Friday-night programs. But White echoed comments he made to the "Orange County Register" earlier this week that the show isn't doing as well as he personally wants.

"It's not that I'm not happy," , "I said it's a home run for them ... since they're dominating Friday nights with 18- to 34-year-old males. It's not the best position for me, though."

Friday nights are traditionally a barren wasteland for TV ratings, specifically among the UFC's targeted demo of young males. White knows that, and so do executives from the FOX-owned FX. But thanks to their seven-year partnership and current relationship, White said that one's thing that could change for future seasons.

"I have – let me tell you – the best [expletive] relationship with FUEL, FX and big FOX," he said. "I couldn't be happier. I wish I was here for 17 years instead of seven. Everything that's ever come up – every problem – they're just as passionate and crazy about my business as I am. They give a crap. They care.

"This is a team effort. We're doing what we're doing this season, and then we're going to switch some things up. We're going to make this thing work and make it great – if it's Friday night or it's whatever. Believe me."

White, in fact, so believes in the show's continued potential and FX's vision that he now skips press conferences and weigh-ins for major UFC events. He remains in Las Vegas to host the show and then jettisons off to locales near and far for event nights.

Besides, he said, he has complete faith in FX. If there's anything they know, he said, it's captivating TV content.

"As far as I'm concerned, FX is better than [expletive] HBO," he said. "You're paying extra money to have HBO when the programming on FX smokes HBO right now. HBO's known for all its great shows. I've heard 'Game of Thrones' is awesome, but if you look at the overall network and what FX is doing and HBO is doing, FX blows them away. And that's on regular cable that you can watch everyday."

Right now, "TUF" is good, according to White. But give them time, and it'll be great.

So for all the naysayers out there, White has a simple message.

"We're going to fix it," he said. "I read all the [expletive] from people who have no [expletive] clue what they're talking about. We're with guys who are the best in the business. We will get this thing dialed in and make it great."

And to those who think the show has run its course? To those who think the problem isn't the format or the night of the week – but rather, the show itself?

"I've been hearing 'TUF' ran its course since season four," White said. "And here we are on season 15."

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Invicta FC Full Results

The full Invicta FC results:

  • Marloes Coenen def. Romy Ruyssen via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-26)
  • Jessica Penne def. Lisa Ellis via TKO (punches) - Round 3, 2:48
  • Liz Carmouche def. Ashleigh Curry via TKO - Round 1, 1:58
  • Kaitlin Young vs. Leslie Smith ruled a split draw (29-28, 28-29, 29-29)
  • Sarah D’Alelio def. Vanessa Mariscal via submission (punches) - Round 2, 3:19
  • Sarah Schneider def. Sally Krumdiack via submission (armbar) - Round 1, 3:01
  • Amy Davis def. Nicdali Rivera-Calanoc via submission (kimura) - Round 2, 3:47
  • Sarah Maloy def. Michele Gutierrez via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)
  • Randi Miller def. Mollie Estes via TKO (punches) - Round 3, 3:27
  • Ashley Cummings def. Sofia Bagherdai via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)
  • Cassie Rodish def. Meghan Wright via submission (guillotine choke) - Round 1, 0:36


After the event, Invicta officials announced their next event takes place July 28 with a Shayna Baszler (14-6) vs Sara McMann (5-0) headliner.

The event also takes place at Memorial Hall.

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Dana White: Sam Sicilia deserved a third round on 'TUF: Live'

LAS VEGAS – Sam Sicilia lost the fight, but he got a vote of confidence from his potential future employer.

During Friday's new episode of "The Ultimate Fighter: Live" on FX, Chris Saunders upset Sicilia via split decision after the opening-round fight surprisingly didn't go to a tiebreaker third round.

"They both deserved to go to that third round," UFC president Dana White said after the fight, which took place at the UFC Training Center in Las Vegas. "They both deserved a third round."

Saunders, who was Urijah Faber's eighth and final pick (and the 16th pick out of 16 cast members), took out Dominick Cruz's second pick with the victory. But the judges' verdict – 20-18, 20-18 and 18-20 scores for Saunders – didn't go over well with many viewers.

Saunders landed a flush head kick and floored his opponent in the first round, but Sicilia quickly recovered and put together a competitive second-round rally. Many viewers felt he won the round to force a tie.

Instead, the judges declared Saunders the winner (Adelaide Byrd and Tony Weeks had it for Saunders, and Patricia Morse Jarman scored it for Sicilia), and White was left wondering what if.

"The third round would have decided that fight," he said. "They were both exhausted, and it's always that third round that breaks somebody.

"The thing that drives me crazy is when guys who come into this house – and not even "TUF," but the UFC too – and they give it 100 percent and give it [expletive] everything they have, and [the judges] pull something that shouldn't happen."

Saunders now advances to the quarterfinal round. While not an exact science, that means he's very likely to get an official UFC booking and fight on the undercard of the show's live finale even if he advances no further.

But don't count out the possibility of Sicilia – who entered "TUF" with a perfect 10-0 pro record – getting a second chance, too. When it comes to future possibilities, he impressed the most important person.

"I'm thrilled with both those guys," White said. "I think Sicilia got robbed of the opportunity of going to a third round, though. But great fight."

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Invicta 1 FREE LIVE STREAM 8 pm ET

Saturday, 28 April 2012


>>Watch live stream here << 


Marloes "Rumina" Coenen vs. Romy Ruyssen
Jessica Penne s. Lisa Ellis-Ward
Liz "Girl-Rilla" Carmouche vs. Ashleigh Curry
Kaitlin Young vs. Leslie Smith
Sarah "The Monster" D'Alelio vs. Vanessa Mariscal
"Slick" Sally Krumdiack vs. Sarah "White Tiger" Schneider
Nicdali "The Night Queen" Rivera-Calanoc vs. Amy "Lil' Dynamite" Davis
Michele "Diablita" Gutierrez vs. Sarah Maloy
Randi Miller vs. "Miss" Mollie Ahlers-Estes
Ashley "Smashley" Cummins vs. Sofia Bagherdai
Cassie Rodish vs. Meghan "The Babe" Wright


vanessa mariscal

sofia bagherdai

sarah schneider

sarah maloy

sarah dalelio

sally krumdiack

romy ryussen

marloes coenen

randi miller

nicdali riveracalanoc

mollie estes

michele gutierrez

meghan wright

liz carmouche

lisa ellis

leslie smith

kaitlin young

jessica penne

cassie rodish


ashley cummins


ashleigh curry

 amy davis






































































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Champ Jose Aldo vs. Erik Koch title fight headlines UFC 149 in Calgary


A featherweight title fight between champion Jose Aldo (21-1 MMA, 3-0 UFC) and challenger Erik Koch (13-1 MMA, 2-0 UFC) will headline July's UFC 149 event in Calgary(confirmed today).

At a recent press conference, UFC president Dana White suggested Aldo could be moved from UFC 149 to UFC 147 in Brazil, but a source close to the fighter said the champ wouldn't be ready in time for the earlier date.

Instead, Aldo remains on the Canadian card, which takes place July 21 at Calgary's Scotiabank Saddledome. The main card airs on pay-per-view, and FX and Facebook are expected to carry the prelims.

Multiple reports recently have attached Koch's name with the Aldo title fight, though UFC 147 was considered the likely date. Just today, though, Globo reported Aldo would fight at UFC 149, not UFC 147, though a finalized opponent wasn't identified.

Officials announced Aldo as a UFC 149 participant during the kickoff press conference for the event this past month. However, when a middleweight title fight between champion Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen was moved from UFC 147 to UFC 148 this past week, White said the Brazilian-born Aldo could be moved to UFC 147 to fight in his home country. But he now remains on the UFC 149 lineup and looks to defend his belt for the second time on Canadian soil.

Aldo enters UFC 149 with a 14-fight win streak. Since ruling the WEC's featherweight division and moving over to the UFC, the well-rounded Brazilian has racked up title defenses over Mark Hominick (in Toronto at the record-breaking UFC 129 event), Kenny Florian and Chad Mendes. Overall, the 25-year-old is a remarkable 11-0 under the Zuffa banner.

Koch, meanwhile, competes for the first time since September, when he earned a dominant unanimous-decision victory over "The Ultimate Fighter 12" champion Jonathan Brookins at UFC Fight Night 25. The 23-year-old's only career loss came to recent UFC title challenger Chad Mendes at WEC 47. Since then, "New Breed" is 4-0, which included a first-round knockout of Raphael Assuncao at UFC 128 in his promotional debut.

The Duke Roufus-trained Koch had been slated to fight fellow contender Dustin Poirier in February at UFC 143, but he ultimately was forced off the card with an injury.

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Chris Saunders Split Decisions Sam Sicilia on TUF: Live


The judging was controversial, but it doesn't matter. Chris Saunders, picked dead last among all contestants on this season, defeated Team Cruz's overall second pick Sam Sacilia by split decision tonight on TUF: Live. Adelaide Byrd and Tony Weeks scored the bout 20-18 for Chris Saunders. Patricia Morse Jarman had it 20-18 for Sam Sicilia.

The first round and the second didn't look dramatically different. Sicilia opened with intense cage pressure and overhands. Sicilia threw wild strikes constantly and was briefly taken down. Throughout the course of the round, Saunders worked knees to the body.

Things changed, however, in the second half of the first round. A low kick got Sicilia thinking and that's when Saunders landed a head kick that nearly puts Sicilia's lights out. The Team Cruz standout hung on, but continued to eat shots throughout the course of the round.

In round two, Sicilia managed to compose himself enough to not get caught with anything dramatic. He again pressured early and swung wildly for the fences, mostly with right hands. This round eventually featured more grappling scrambles as each fighter would take the other to the ground, but could not hold position. Saunders took Sicilia's back several times, but Sicilia was able to reverse and attempts guillotines. Generally speaking, though, the heavy hitting was done with Sicilia even if he was unable to put Saunders out.

While many observes of the fight - including UFC President Dana White - felt the bout should have gone to a third round, but it wasn't to be. Saunders was announced the winner by split decision.

"It wasn't exactly as I thought. I thought it would go just like this," Saunders told the UFC's Jon Anik. "I got a great team behind me. I have confidence. That's all you need."

Team Faber has now recaptured control of the fight selection. As for next week, Team Faber's Andy Ogle will square off again Team Cruz's Mike Rio.

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Nick Diaz Sues the NSAC, Says He Would Fight Carlos Condit 'Immediately'


1.) Diaz may actually have a very real, very legitimate case here. Under Nevada law, the commission is required to "determine the outcome through proceedings related to the order of a summary suspension within 45 days of the date of the suspension." Despite protests from Deputy Attorney General Chris Eccles that Diaz would not be heard until his medical marijuana card was produced, the lawsuit maintains that "Diaz and his lawyers made repeated attempts to reach the NSAC to obtain a formal hearing to finally adjudicate the NSAC's complaint without any response from Executive Director of the NSAC Keith Kizer." If that is indeed true, Diaz's case immediately becomes a very sharp thorn in the side of the NSAC.

2.) The precedent this could set has the potential to be resounding. While Diaz's case is an extremely centralized one, a victory would go a long way to shattering any remaining sense of invincibility that exists behind the commission. Diaz fought the law and Diaz won. That message cannot be overstated.

3.) On the same day his brother says Diaz just isn't that interested in fighting right now, Nick states in a sworn affidavit that he "would be prepared to compete against Mr. Condit or against any other opponent deemed suitable immediately." Now, even if the idea of Diaz referring to Carlos as Mr. Condit is laughable, the significance behind his words is clear. Diaz is still angry at how UFC 143 went down. He's far from retired. And he wants revenge.

When it comes down to it, as someone who personally loves watching the violence Diaz brings with him to the cage, isn't that really the most important part of all this?

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UFC 147: Wanderlei Silva Calls Chael Sonnen 'An Ass Face'

"I have nothing to say to him. I won't give him that kinda audience. I don't care about what he says, I'm not interested. If he wants to say those things looking me in the eye, come here. But that way, saying things when we're distant, he's an ass face. Only pussies say things at your back."

When asked if Sonnen would have the courage of calling him names in person, Wanderlei Silva didn't think twice before answering.

"Never. If he does that he'll leave with a red burning ear."

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Siyar The Killer “I remember walking on peoples bodies as a kid in the war.”

For those of you who don’t know, Siyar Bahadurzada is the first Afghan mixed martial artist to fight for the UFC. He made his octagon debut earlier this month at UFC on Fuel TV: Gustafsson vs. Silva. A debut in which Siyar took only 42 seconds to knockout fellow welterweight contender Paulo Thiago! We were lucky enough to speak with ‘The Killer’ about his most recent fight, as well as what it was like for him growing up in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Q: First off thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us. You are coming off an incredible UFC debut, where you knocked out Paulo Thiago in less than a minute with a single punch. Safe to say you are satisfied with your performance?

Siyar: I am very satisfied with my performance! The fight went down the way I had pictured it in my mind a million times before it happened!

Q: Paulo Thiago is a big 1st fight for a UFC debut, how did you train for such a dangerous opponent? What aspects of his game were you most concerned with going into the fight?

Siyar: I trained like I always train. I work on my own strengths and forget about my opponents strengths. Because I know I will make him fight my fight!

Q: I heard you had an injured hand leading up to the fight, how did this affect your training and preparation?

Siyar: I did not use my right hand that well. Though I trained with my hand and had great timing in both hands. Coming into the fight I could make a fist, but couldn’t squeeze my fist, that’s how hurt my hand was. I honestly thought my hand was broken. But thank God it was not the case and now i’m training again!

Q: Well I’m glad to hear your good to go, that said, who would you like to fight next in the UFC?

Siyar: Someone with two arms and two legs. That would make a fair fight, right?

Q: Haha, I can’t argue with that. You were born and raised in Kabul, Afghanistan. How was life growing up there and when did you first become involved in MMA?

Siyar: Well, life is not easy growing up in the war. As a kid, I went through alot of crazy things. I remember walking on peoples bodies as a kid in the war. I remember people crying on the streets without limbs and asking for help. To sum it up, I have seen things people need to talk to shrinks about. But I carry all those things inside of me. When I enter the octagon, you see a different person. You see a savage, ferocious and fierce killer! That is the effects of war on me I guess. I turn into a killer in an instant. But outside the octagon, I am a normal person who has studied International Business and Languages and lives a normal joyful life. But I’ll always carry those negative emotions with me and since 2000 I’ve been involved in MMA. I’m happy I can use those emotions in my favor in a fight.

Q: I heard a rumor that your nickname ‘the killer’ was given to you by your grandfather? Is this true and could you tell me more about this?

Siyar: Yes, this is true. My grandpa gave me this nickname because I got into a fight with three older kids when I was like 6 years old and I beat them all! My grandpa was watching me from afar and by the time he got close, those boys were gone with a sour taste in their mouth (haha). That’s when my grandpa told me: “You are a killer! The way you handled yourself in that fight was unbelieveable”. Years later when I came to Holland and I started fighting in MMA… That nickname came back up when people saw me fighting.

Q: That is pretty cool man, speaking of Holland, how did you end up training with Golden Glory and what was it like to train there?

Siyar: I’m not with GG anymore. No further comments on that subject.

Q: Fair enough. Well thanks again for taking the time to talk to me! Can’t wait to see you back inside the octagon! Any last words from “The Killer”.

Siyar: I would like to thank all my fans for supporting me on facebook (Siyar Bahadurzada) and on twitter @SiyarTheKiller and the ones who I do not know about. I will continue giving you guys what you pay for… Vicious knockouts!!!!!

The life story of Siyar Bahadurzada is truly something to marvel at. But the 28 year old fighter is far from done, and I personally can’t wait to see what comes next for him. Who would you like to see ‘The Killer’ fight next Penn Nation?

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