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Frank Mir: If Mark Hunt is picked I would not be happy

Frank Mir appeared last night on MMA Live about his potentially replacing Alistair Overeem vs Junior Dos Santos if the Dutchman is unsuccessful in convincing the Nevada State Athletic Commission that his drug test results were not in violation, at a hearing on April 24.


"As of right now, I'm still training for Cain. Obviously, I'm like everybody else. I see that, in the background, there's a possibility Overeem's not going to be able to make the fight on the 26th, and if that's the case, I wanna make sure I'm in a position where I can jump in."

"I feel that I have the most credentials, going into it. I think I have the longest winning streak of the heavyweights that were already posted on that card to fight. As far as what the rankings are, I feel I have the most credentials going in, and I'm motivated to do so".

"Obviously I'd feel a little slighted (if someone else were picked to fight dos Santos). But, both those guys (Hunt and Velasquez) are great fighters. I would never be mad at them for taking advantage of the situation. Would I be angry? Of course. I wouldn't wanna be at my house on the night that's announced. I would not be a happy individual. I would probably just stay away from my house for a couple of days."

"(Fighting JDS as opposed ot Velasquez) is a little bit of an adjustment, but I'd rather go in that direction than the other way. Just for the reason being the kind of conditioning it takes. Wrestling in the gym as much as I am with the kind of guys that are more wrestling-oriented, collegiate wrestlers, that conditioning is just extremely anaerobic and extraordinarily tough to train for. Anybody who trains realizes that anybody can spar three, four, five, six rounds, if it's just striking with no takedowns. But maybe if you start taking people down and fighting on the ground and we wrestle to get back up, that's when it's extremely fatiguing. so, going from a grappler to have to prepare for a striker, I feel it's easier than the other way around."

"I'm very much on the point of 'innocent, until proven guilty.' If he has a hearing and he comes in and speaks, I wanna hear what he has to say and what's going on. All six of us were tested on that day, that were on that stage, and he had some complications with his test, obviously. Give the man a chance to speak about it."


We predict here on PersianMMA Overeem will fight Junior Dos Santos for the UFC HW belt so there is no reason for Frank to worry.

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Tito Ortiz's UFC Sweden Fan Q&A (complete + unedited)

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Swedish crowd goes bananza when Reza Madadi enter the weigh-ins in Stockholm


Reza Madadi got the star treatment from the crowd in Ericsson Globen, Stockholm during the weigh in for UFC on Fuel TV 2

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Jones and Evans in heated verbal confrontation on UFC Ultimate Insider

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My guess: Alistair Overeem will fight at UFC 146 against JDS

Overeem's lawyered up

The heavyweight has retained a legal heavyweight, Nevada lawyer David Chesnoff to represent him in his upcoming NSAC hearing.

Chesnoff has a reputation for getting high-profile cases in Las Vegas. He's represented Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, Paris Hilton, Suge Knight, Bruno Mars and Vince Neil, among others. He was also Overeem's lawyer during a March battery sentencing hearing, in which the Dutch star was sentenced to 50 hours of community service and anger management counseling. Overeem is due back in court for that same case on September 26.

Alistair Overeem’s TRT Defense Possibilities

Overeems defense swill be heard on April 24th. The question is-does he have a defense?

According to the NSAC he does. The same commission that ordered the test says, if Alistair Overeem pleads he had a sudden case of low testosterone, he can submit an application for a TUE (Therapeutic Use Exemption)- 20 days before a fight. Overeem failed the random test before the 20 days allowed. So, what we have is – a commission ordering a random test and according to procedure giving him a defense as well.

If he pleads his case this way there’s more, he must provide results of no fewer than five tests, measuring things like total serum testosterone level (on separate occasions), luteinizing hormone, follicle stimulating hormone and measurement of hemoglobin and hematrocrit levels. According to Keith Kizer NSAC Executive Director, this is usually enough to discourage a fighter to even want to apply for TUE.

I believe Alistair Overeem will get a fighting license for UFC 146 against JDS but it will be conditional and he has to perform all 5 tests described above.

Am I right? We´ll just have to see on April 24th.


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Ed Soares: “It will be very bad for Brazil if something happens…” to the idiot Chael Sonnen

The concerns for Chael Sonnen’s safety going into the rematch with champion Anderson Silva in Brazil on June 23rd seem to be very legitimate.

Anderson Silva’s long time manager, Ed Soares, recently made this statement to

“Hopefully people will understand that they shouldn’t do anything against Chael, just boo him. Let Anderson settle this with him in the Octagon. It will be very bad for Brazil if something happens to him. The guy is an idiot, but he is promoting the fight and it will be the greatest MMA fight of all time.”

The fight will likely be the biggest rematch in MMA history, set to take place at Estádio Olímpico João Havelange in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The stadium is set to host the 2016 Summer Olympics, and is expected to hold 60,000 spectators during the summer games four years from now. Dana White has publically stated he expects the stadium to pack upwards of 80,000 fans for UFC 147.

With Chael Sonnen’s brash statements such as, “Hey Anderson, stick to what your country does best, like soccer or harboring infectious diseases,” the concern regarding his safety is well warranted. With death threats sent directly to Mr. Sonnen, and groups on the internet calling for nothing short of his head, we have to wonder what measures the UFC is going to have to take in order to ensure Chael’s safety.

Dana White has hinted at ‘presidential style’ security, and many fighters have made jokes about a helicopter evacuation should the ‘Oregon Gangster’ win the bout. We all know there is usually a great level of respect towards the opponent regardless of the outcome, or the hype going into that fight. The question is will Ed Soares’ request of the Brazilian fans to let Chael Sonnen make safe passage to and from the octagon be heard by Rio de Janeiro, especially should he win.

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Counsel for UFC welterweight Nick Diaz responded on Wednesday to the Nevada Athletic Commission’s amended complaint regarding Diaz’s positive test for marijuana metabolites following his Feb. 4 bout at UFC 143.

The NAC initially filed its complaint against Diaz several days after his unanimous decision defeat to Carlos Condit, and Diaz was then suspended indefinitely on Feb. 22 pending a disciplinary hearing.

Diaz’s attorney, Ross C. Goodman of Goodman Law Group, responded to the complaint on March 7, alleging that Diaz -- a medical marijuana patient in his home state of California due to his diagnosed attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) -- should not be subjected to disciplinary action on the grounds that marijuana metabolites are not a banned substance as defined by the NAC for legal users of the drug.

The NAC then amended its complaint on March 28, alleging that Diaz indeed violated the Nevada Administrative Code by testing positive for marijuana metabolites and by providing false or misleading information on his pre-fight questionnaire. Diaz had checked “no” when asked if he had taken any prescribed or over-the-counter drugs within two weeks of his bout or if he suffered from any serious medical conditions.

On Wednesday, Goodman responded to those claims, reiterating his stance that inactive marijuana metabolite is not a prohibited substance as defined by the NAC in regard to Diaz, who legally uses the drug out of competition.

Goodman also asserts in the document that Diaz responded to the pre-fight questionnaire to the best of his knowledge and did not supply the NAC with false or misleading information. Attaching a signed letter from the physician who recommended Diaz as a candidate for medical marijuana use in California, Goodman submits that Diaz answered the questions truthfully in that marijuana is neither a prescribed nor an over-the-counter drug.

The response also notes that the one-page questionnaire does not provide definitions of terms or examples. As such, Goodman alleges that Diaz’s interpretation that the term “serious medical condition” did not apply to his ADHD was a reasonable one and should also not serve as grounds for discipline. This stance is echoed by Diaz’s physician, Dr. Robert E. Sullivan, who states that while he defined Diaz’s ADHD as a “serious medical condition” when approving his use of medical marijuana, he believes “most laypeople would consider serious conditions to include cancer, heart attacks, strokes, a broken neck, AIDS, etc., but would not include ADHD on that list.”

The former Strikeforce welterweight champion, Diaz, 28, saw an 11-fight winning streak snapped when he was outpointed by Condit in the UFC 143 headliner. Known for his excellent boxing skills and top-shelf conditioning as well as his potent jiu-jitsu game, the lanky southpaw owns notable wins over B.J. Penn, Hayato Sakurai, Robbie Lawler and Frank Shamrock, among others. It is currently unknown when Diaz will appear before the NAC, but the commission’s next meeting takes place April 24 in Las Vegas.

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Kenny Florian On MMA Drug Users

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California State Athletic Commission Passes Amendment, Exemptions For TRT, Marijuana Could Be Allowed

The California State Athletic Commission voted on Monday to approve an amendment that allows therapeutic use exemptions (TUE) for combat sports’ athletes who use drugs currently banned by the state agency for medical purposes, including testosterone and marijuana.

To be adopted into state law, the amendment’s verbiage must now be reviewed and approved by the Department of Consumer Affairs and then the state’s Office of Administrative Law, a process that could take months or even years, if it passes at all.


According to CSAC executive officer George Dodd in December Dan Henderson’s rigorous approval process served as a test case that the commission used to evaluate its proposed TUE requirements.

Like Henderson, one of three fighters approved for a testosterone TUE in Nevada, Dodd said future TUE candidates would need to provide extensive medical records documenting past use of the drug for medical purposes.

For a testosterone exemption specifically, Dodd said an applicant would be asked to provide blood tests prior to (30 days before) and after a contest to ensure levels were within acceptable margins. Dodd said that all materials submitted would be reviewed by the CSAC’s medical advisory board, which added an endocrinologist to its ranks on Monday for such cases.

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