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UFC President Dana White announced Saturday night at the UFC 145 post-fight press conference that former Strikeforce and Pride Fighting Championships titlist Dan Henderson will now challenge “Bones” in a clash of generations.

“I feel great that I already have a mission,” Jones told the media of his upcoming title defense. “I’m going to work extremely hard to better myself. Dan Henderson is awesome, and he has a large fan base. I’m sure the haters are going to come out right away. He has extreme knockout power, and I’m excited to conquer this challenge. My goal will be to finish Dan Henderson, with all due respect.”

“I felt great [tonight]. Rashad is an awesome opponent. He’s fast, and he punches hard. I respect Rashad a lot,” said Jones, who previously trained with Evans at Jackson’s Mixed Martial Arts in Albuquerque, N.M. “I would say that Rashad was my toughest fight to date. A lot of it was how tough he is, and some of it was my insecurities. He did big-brother me a few times in practice, so I think I was a little hesitant in some spots. I think this fight just brought me to another level mentally.”

“I move smoothly when I’m working a heavy bag, but tonight I felt gangly and uncoordinated at some points. I think I just need to trust my [abilities] a little more,” Jones said. “[Trying to earn a] knockout was important to me. I wanted to back up what I said. I’m a big believer in goal-setting. Having goals keeps you on a path and keeps your eyes set on something. You can train to win, or you can train to finish and do something amazing. I didn’t [get the knockout], but I still sit here extremely grateful that neither of us are injured and live to fight another day.”


“I learned to stay away from other elite level fighters,” said Jones. “I have a lot of thinking to do about this situation. I hope to rekindle some communication with Rashad, and I hope we can do that in private. There is a lot of emotion between us that can lead to a friendship.”

“I wouldn’t say I was hurt, but I would definitely say [Evans] wobbled me. There was one point where I got hit and tried to side-shuffle, and I stumbled. I was happy I was able to take punches from Rashad, because he hits hard,” said Jones. “I pulled guard because I am a mixed martial artist. A lot of times, people look at [pulling guard] as a sissy move, but I think a lot of [Brazilian jiu-jitsu] practitioners around the world loved it. It was a smart move.”

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Rashad Evans says he will rematch Jon Jones in the future

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UFC 145: Cain vs Roy Nelson? Nelson confirms on his facebook

Cain Velasquez vs Roy Nelson confirmed. Roy Nelson wrote on his facebook page that he has been asked and said yes to fight Cain Velasquez.



More to come!

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Jones Defends Title Via Decision

Apr 22, 2012 - ATLANTA -- Shogun. Rampage. Lyoto. Rashad.

Jon Jones successfully navigated the murderer's row of opposition, adding former training partner and friend Rashad Evans to his resume with a unanimous decision win in the UFC 145 main event at Philips Arena. The champ won by scores of 50-45, 49-46, 49-46.

"It's definitely my most satisfying victory," Jones said afterward. "I did a lot of things I didn't plan. I didn't want to make any mistakes. I didn't feel the cleanest, but who I beat, it was very important to me."

The two fought a measured first. Jones took the center of the cage and walked Evans around the perimeter, keeping him at distance. Evans had trouble navigating the space, getting punished with a hard knee his first time wading forward. But he seemed to find the distance as the round wore on, and had his moment late as he landed a head kick that backed Jones up. Jones was never really in any trouble though, and landed a hard left of his own at the closing horn.

Jones buckled him with an uppercut early in the second, but Evans bounced back quickly as he maintained his movement. Jones calmly followed him around and closed the distance with elbows. Evans got rocked with a right hand against the fence but he initiated a clinch, giving him recovery time. But Jones kept on with his attack, utilizing a series of standing elbows as a serious weapon. Jones also hurt Evans in the final seconds with a left hook that punctuated a dominant round.

Evans showed his resolve in the third, landing his best punch of the fight, an overhand right that scored, but Jones took it without much issue. Jones wobbled Evans again with a flying knee midway through. Soon after, he scored with a body kick as Evans appeared to start to tire.

The entire first three rounds were fought standing, but Evans finally attempted to bring Jones to the mat in the fourth. Jones, however, stuffed the attempt, as well as a follow-up moments later. Evans shot in again a minute later, and Jones latched on to his neck and fired a knee to the body before Evans could pull away.

Though he was cruising towards a win, Jones didn't slow up in the last round, hurting the challenger with a crisp right. His varied offense continued but he didn't come close to putting him away. Jones scored his first takedown in the final minute, landing one strike but Evans was able to pop up and escape further trouble. Jones pulled guard in the final few seconds, but Evans landed a few strikes to close it out.

"He was pretty crafty and tricky, stuff like that," Evans said. "Give him props, he kept me on my toes.

The 24-year-old champ is now 16-1 following his third successful title defense. Evans is 17-2-1.


Source: MMAFighting 

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Vinc Pichel Submits John Cofer on The Ultimate Fighter Live

Apr 20, 2012


Vinc Pichel struck quickly in the sudden-death round on The Ultimate Fighter on Friday night.

The 29-year-old was able to secure an arm-triangle 44 seconds into the round against John Cofer, allowing the Team Cruz fighter to move on to the quarterfinals.

"When your game plan fails, you go for broke and that's what I did," said Pichel after the fight.

"It's a tough pill to swallow when you lose... It's just kind of upsetting," said Cofer.

On next week's episode, Team Faber's Chris Saunders will battle Team Cruz's Sam Sicilia.

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Bellator 66 results: Eddie Alvarez smashes Shinya Aoki in round one

It was a rematch Eddie Alvarez had been begging Bjorn Rebney for ever since he signed with Bellator back in 2009.

Shinya Aoki embarrassed him at Dynamite!! 2008 in Saitama, Japan, with a 92-second heel hook, but tonight (April 20, 2012), Alvarez would get his revenge.

After a very cautious opening two minutes, the Japanese submission wizard Aoki started to get a little too comfortable with his newfound striking abilities that he's been developing, which led to a huge Alvarez right hand that sent him crashing to the canvas.

Alvarez cautiously dropped some big right hands from above and when he hurt Aoki again, he dove into his opponent's dangerous guard and began unloading on him with a huge flurry of ground and pound strikes.

It only got worse for Aoki there.


Aoki's corner, seeing its fighter in tremendous danger, threw in the towel, but the referee either ignored it or didn't see it and the onslaught continued. Alvarez pummeled with more unanswered blows and when Aoki turned away from the power, the referee finally intervened.

The Philadelphia native leaped out of the cage to kiss his wife and then celebrated on the Bellator television camera stands on the outside of the cage before doing his patented victory backflip.

In his post-fight speech, Alvarez asked Bellator CEO to "pay him his money" before thanking everyone that helped him earn his emphatic victory.

What happens next in regards to Alvarez's future with Bellator is up in the air as his contract is quickly coming to an end. He certainly raised his stock with this high profile win.

Needless to say, revenge was very sweet for "The Silent Assassin" tonight.


Source: MMAMania

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Alistair Overeem out, Frank Mir in against Junior Dos Santos at UFC 146

Alistair Overeem (36-11 MMA, 1-0 UFC) will get his day in front of the Nevada State Athletic Commission next week, but UFC officials aren't waiting around.

UFC president Dana White announced late Friday night that Overeem has been pulled from the main event of UFC 146, and Frank Mir will now face Junior Dos Santos for the UFC heavyweight title.

Mir was originally expected to face Cain Velasquez. White did not immediately reveal if Velasquez will receive a new opponent.

Dos Santos, of course, was slated to face former Strikeforce champion Overeem in the main event of UFC 146, which takes place May 26 at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. However, a recent pre-fight drug test that flagged Overeem for elevated levels of testosterone left his licensing status in doubt.

Overeem is scheduled to appear in front of the Nevada State Athletic Commission on Tuesday in an effort to gain licensure. His camp has yet to reveal exactly what their defense will be in front of the commission, but UFC officials have apparently decided to move forward now.


While Velasquez's status is currently uncertain, on Thursday the former champion told he'd be happy to fight anyone on the UFC roster provided a win would move him closer to a shot at the heavyweight title he lost in late 2011.

"It doesn't matter who it would be, just as long as it's one more to get in that same position to fight for that heavyweight title," Velasquez said.

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Barnett, Cormier defend Fedor-Rizzo fight

ATLANTA -- News broke Friday that famed heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko has booked a fight against Pedro Rizzo on June 21 in St. Petersburg, Russia.

A large contingent of fans voiced its displeasure of the matchup immediately following the announcement.

Rizzo (19-9), though a longtime fixture in mixed martial arts, hasn’t competed since posting a TKO win over Ken Shamrock in July 2010.

Strikeforce Grand Prix finalists Josh Barnett and Daniel Cormier, who are scheduled to meet on May 19, are not amongst those bashing the matchup. In fact, both heavyweights defended the fight when asked to comment.

“What are you going to do?” Barnett told “Would you rather see [Emelianenko] not fight at all? At the end of the day, it’s not always up to Fedor. Don’t believe Pedro was the only guy asked.

“So, what’s the other option? How about he just sits around for another six months?”

Cormier voiced a similar opinion, stating that regardless of what opponent Emelianenko’s management group found, fans would likely find it disappointing.

“There’s just not that many guys who would be OK,” Cormier said. “If they said, ‘He’s fighting Rolles Gracie,” people would say he [Gracie] got beat by Joey [Beltran] and flushed out of the UFC. If it were Bobby Lashley, they’d say he’s just a pro wrestler who got beat by Chad Griggs.

Josh Barnett, left, split a pair of fights with Pedro Rizzo.

“It’s always going to be something. The best guys are under the Zuffa umbrella. [Emelianenko] is not -- so he doesn’t have much to choose from.”

Emelianenko (33-4) was an original participant in the Strikeforce Grand Prix. He was knocked out in the first round after losing via TKO to Antonio Silva, who was eventually knocked out by Cormier.

The Russian star finished his tenure in Strikeforce on a three-fight losing streak. Since leaving the promotion last year, he’s rebounded with back-to-back wins over Jeff Monson and Satoshi Ishii.

While some consider Emelianenko to be past his prime, others still hope the day will come when he makes a very long-awaited UFC debut. President Dana White has expressed in recent interviews he has no interest in signing Emelianenko.

That means fans will have to be content watching him take on an opponent like Rizzo, who, Barnett says, is capable of giving the 37-year-old Rizzo problems. Barnett has split two fights against Rizzo in his career.

“He’s heavy handed,” Barnett said. “He’s got strong low kicks, great counter punches and a great overhand right. Against Fedor though, with his speed, it could be a very difficult matchup for Pedro. But his footwork is pretty good and his takedown defense isn’t horrible. I know he can give [Emelianenko] trouble with that.

“Let the fights turn out. Let’s see how it goes. It’s one thing to talk about how this is going to be a mismatch. Once the punches start flying, who knows what will happen? It could be an amazing fight.”


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PHOTO: Arrogant Jon Jones Shows Off For The Crowd While Pulling Up To Weigh-Ins

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TUF Live, Episode 7

The seventh episode of the Ultimate Fighter Live is set to air tonight at 10:00 PM EST. Tonight's episode will feature the 6th quarter-finals matchup pitting Team Faber's John Cofer vs. Team Cruz's Vinc Pichel.

Last week Team Faber's Joe Proctor picked up the third straight win for his team and put his team ahead three fights to two.

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