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Author: Michael Zand


VIDEO:Dana White Discusses Mayweather Vs. Cotto Video and Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao

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Jake Shields vs. Ed Herman slated for UFC 150 in Denver

Former UFC welterweight title challenger Jake Shields (27-6-1 MMA, 2-2 UFC) is returning to the middleweight division to meet Ed Herman (20-7 MMA, 7-5 UFC) in the Mile High City.

UFC president Dana White today announced the fight via Twitter.

It'll be part of UFC 150, which takes place Aug. 11 at Denver's Pepsi Center.

UFC 150's main card, including an expected lightweight title fight between champion Benson Henderson and Frankie Edgar, airs on pay-per-view. FX and Facebook are expected to carry the prelims. It's not clear where Shields vs. Herman will be placed on the card.

Shields, a former EliteXC and Strikeforce champion, won 15 consecutive fights over six years before back-to-back losses to Georges St-Pierre (in a UFC title fight) and Jake Ellenberger. However, the submission specialist recently rebounded at UFC 144 in Japan with a unanimous-decision victory over Yoshihiro Akiyama. It was his first victory since his UFC-debut win over Martin Kampmann.

Since a two-year layoff due to a knee surgery and recovery, Herman has been on a roll. "The Ultimate Fighter 3" runner-up was stuck in a 1-3 skid prior to the layoff. However, he's since scored a knockout victory over Tim Credeur and submission wins over Kyle Noke and Clifford Starks.

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UFC On Fox 4: Travis Browne Vs. Ben Rothwell Announced

UFC 146 feels like a new day in UFC heavyweight matchmaking, with a main card fully comprised of intriguing heavyweight bouts it marks a new confidence in the division. The UFC on Fox 4 card has a new match announced with the winner ready to join the 146 winners in the discussion for future title contenders.

Here's the fight announcement via

Two big guys coming off of big wins have also agreed to exchange that evening as heavyweight Ben Rothwell takes on Travis "Hapa" Browne. Rothwell earned the KO of the Night bonus while Browne scored Submission of the Night last week at UFC 145.


This is a good fight, Browne needs to step up his competition and Rothwell's renewed focus on his career and toughness presents a legitimate challenge. For Travis, he went from fighting Stefan Struve and Cheick Kongo to fighting worse opponents as the UFC's focus on him increased. Rothwell is going to test his chin and, being very hard to put away, will likely test lingering concerns about Browne's cardio from the Rob Broughton fight.

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Anderson Silva’s manager: "80 Percent Of The Fans Will Be Rooting For Silva" recently had the privilege of chatting to Anderson Silva’s manager, Jorge Guimaraes. Jorge was quizzed on a number interesting of topics, including the rescheduling of the Sonnen mega-fight, how the American fan base perceive Sonnen’s behaviour and a possible “Ultimate Fighter” showdown to conclude the Machida/Shogun trilogy.


How was this negotiation to replace the fight?

I had a meeting with Ed Soares, Dana and Lorenzo (Fertitta) a couple of weeks ago and it was a sure thing it would happen at Engenhao. They were apprehensive wondering if it would be crowded. Big investments… Everything was fine, everybody was excited about it happening in Rio. We were caught by surprise too, they had to logistic problems. It’s not happening in Rio de Janeiro, but it’s happening in Las Vegas, which is the biggest fighting place in the planet.

What was Anderson’s reaction towards this transfer?

Obviously Anderson wanted to teach Chael a lesson in front of Brazilian fans. He told me: “I owe it to them. This guy disrespected me, disrespected my wife, my family, my people and my country. I wanna teach him a lesson in front of the Brazilian people”. Since it’s no longer possible, he’s doing it in Las Vegas, at Sonnen’s house, on the 4th of the July week.

You live on the United States. How Americans see Sonnen?

Chael Sonnen is a guy who came from the shadows using that marketing thing. He was unknown and then started talking about everyone, he’s talked about Lance Armstrong. He’s a bully, but got the promotion he needed. He’s not a complete MMA fighter. In matters of resources, Anderson has plenty more resources than him. As Dana White said, this sport has transpassed all limits and there’s no such thing, this kind of feeling. Here in Brazil we have that Latin blood, there’s this fanaticism, but on the United States they really admire Anderson as the best MMA fighter ever and I guarantee you 80 percent of the fans will be rooting for Anderson Silva.

You’re also Lyoto’s manager and many people want him fighting Shogun again. Jose Aldo is confirmed on Brazil’s card. Do you think about matching them up?

No. Not for Brazil’s card. Everything is possible, but it’s already being built. I guess Lyoto will fight soon. I can tell you about Shogun, but Shogun is on a great place now and I’m sure that the two of them, as mentioned by Dana, would be great coaches at TUF, but I believe they will fight before that.

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53-year old man beats 21-year old, on one hour's notice

One half of the most important MMA fight of all time, Stephan Bonnar, was live at an MMA show in Bourbonnais, IL this weekend, and recorded a fight out of the sport's Jurrasic era.

It used to be that if a matchmaker or promoter had a last minute drop out or otherwise needed to make a fight, he would get on the mic and ask if anyone in the audience wanted to fight.

Sometimes the guys that were willing were even sober. Obviously niceties, an AIDS tests for example, were bypassed in an attempt to keep the asses in seats happy.

Over time, regulation made this a thing of the past. However, like some Japanese soldier hiding in the Phillipine jungle fighting on decades after WWII ended, pockets of mayhem still remain.

This was the case in Illinois, which does not do an adequate job of regulating amateur MMA.

When the call went out on the mic during the Fire Extreme Championship at the Kankakee Fair Grounds in Illinois, a 53-year-old spectator named Tim Karaker stepped up and eventually defeated his 21-year old opponent an hour later.

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Female martial artists in Iran sue Reuters for defamation

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Rampage Jackson want to leave UFC: “UFC’s just throwing me all these boring fighters”

“After I leave the UFC, I’m done with them! Just like when I left PRIDE. You remember when I left PRIDE? It’s over. I was very loyal to PRIDE. I fought for PRIDE, and I fought the way I fought to put butts in seats. I took risks, slammed people and stuff like that. PRIDE did a good job. They built me up. I wasn’t that good when I first came out. I fought Sakuraba and they built me up and then threw me in some tough fights. That’s the way you’re supposed to do it. Now, the UFC, I was a better fighter when I came there. My second fight, they throw me to Chuck Liddell. The fans didn’t know who I was. I knocked him out, the fans booed me. That changed me, who I am towards the fans. I used to be the nicest guy towards fans. My first time getting booed. How are you going to boo somebody for knocking somebody out? But I got a whole other opinion on that. And now, the UFC’s just throwing me all these boring fighters, these game planners, these wrestlers. I’m the type of fighter who you should match up with people who want to fight excitingly. You know what I’m saying? because I’m going to be the type of fighter who puts butts in seats.”

Rampage comments while on Inside MMA.

Rampage currently has one fight left on his UFC contract and after he’s done with that he claims his time In the company is over.

Rampage was supposed to fight Shogun Rua however due to a knee injury Jackson had to get treated that match up never came to be.

What do you think Jacksons next move will be after his time in the UFC is up ?

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VIDEO: Floyd Mayweather is Ready for Miguel Cotto

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VIDEO: Griffin And Bonnar: UFC Ultimate Insider

On the UFC Ultimate Insider two of the most entertaining fighters in the UFC reminisce about some of their favorite moments in the UFC. The two have had incredible careers including an incredible match at the TUF 1 Finale. It was and is considered one the greatest fights in UFC history. Forest Griffin is 18-7 in his mixed martial arts career, while Stephan Bonnar is 14-7. Watch the Ultimate Insider video for more of their favorite moments.

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MMA in the Olympics?


I saw a story yesterday about why MMA would never be in the Olympics. Saddened, I thought about why MMA couldn’t be in the Olympics and what would have to be done in order for MMA to get their. After counteracting as many arguments as possible, I realized that MMA has come a long way since the “Gracie Challenge” in the 1920s. There are many things that have to be taken into account, and the question is, how many fighters would be willing to make the sacrifices in order to represent their country in the Olympics.

At first thought one might say, “Why would a fighter not want to represent his country in the Olympics?” but the problem is, Olympians don’t get paid, and MMA fighters suffer a beating on a regular basis. From a fighters perspective, why should he put his health at risk for fights he won’t get paid for? It simply isn’t fair to ask a fighter to fight 4 opponents in a weeks time. Not to mention the fact that after an MMA fight, both fighters are automatically suspended for 14 days as a safety precaution; In addition to suspensions for other injuries. Given how long the Olympics run for, it would be nearly impossible for a MMA tournament to take place with the 14 day suspension rule in place. I’m not suggesting they get rid of the rule, I’m simply stating that it conflicts with a tournament format.

Below is the post-action injury report from UFC 144.
Zhang Tiequan: 45 days no contest; 30 days no contact
Eiji Mitsuoka: 45 days no contest; 30 days no contact. 180 days or negative nasal x-ray for possible fracture
Joe Lauzon: 45 days no contest; 30 days no contact
Tim Boetsch: 30 days no contest; 21 days no contact
Yushin Okami: 45 days no contest; 30 days no contact
Cheick Kongo: 45 days no contest; 30 days no contact
Quinton Jackson: 45 days no contest; 30 days no contact. 180 days or right knee cleared by orthopedic doctor
Ben Henderson: 45 days no contest; 30 days no contact. 180 days or negative x-ray of both hands and left foot for possible fracture
Frankie Edgar: 45 days no contest; 30 days no contact

Fighters are generally cleared to return to training sooner than this, but as a precaution, until they are cleared they are restricted for a longer amount of time. As much as I hate to say it, this is the one argument that I cannot counteract. The only solution would be to start the tournament several months in advance, then air the semi-finals and finals on TV. Yet again though, it still wouldn’t be fair to fighters to ask them to put their careers on hold, just to spend several months training for several pro-bono fights that could result in injuries. Lastly, MMA cannot take extra safety measures in the Olympics like boxing does; Olympic boxers wear headgear when fighting, which MMA fighters wouldn’t do because it would make ground fighting nearly impossible.

Would I love to see Jake Ellenberger or Nick Diaz in team USA trunks standing across from GSP, absolutely, but right now, I’ll have to put that dream on hold. Will MMA one day find a way to work itself into the Olympics? Only time can tell

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