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Author: Michael Zand


Anderson Silva - Chael Sonnen Rematch Date Could Be Changed

At a press conference following Saturday's UFC on FUEL event, UFC president Dana White confirmed that the date is no sure thing. In trying to finalize the show -- originally scheduled for June 23 -- the UFC has come up against some resistance because Rio happens to be hosting a United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development during the same week.

"The problem is, they don't like the idea of us coming the same time this United Nations convention is going on," he said. "The other problem is hotel rooms. Most of the hotel rooms are being taken up. And we don't think, we know that the Anderson Silva-Chael Sonnen fight is one of the biggest sporting events this year, in the world."

The UFC is expecting to run their event at Estádio Olímpico João Havelange, a soccer stadium which will likely hold around 55,000 people when reconfigured for MMA.

The UN conference is a three-day affair which takes place from June 20-22. The event's website does not estimate an attendance for the conference, saying it will draw "thousands," but does list 194 member nations. That conflicts greatly with the UFC's hope of taking over the city that week for Silva-Sonnen.

"I think it’s a huge sporting event," he said. "I think people will come to Rio from all over the world. I think we're going to need hotel rooms. Hopefully we’ll get this thing done the next few days, one way or the other."

The first Silva-Sonnen fight took place in August 2010, with Sonnen controlling the action for the first four-and-a-half rounds before Silva trapped him in a fight-ending triangle choke to retain his UFC middleweight championship.

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VIDEO: Dana White about New Markets, King Mo’s Axing, And the PED problem in sports

"We don't do random testing," White said at Saturday's post-UFC on FUEL TV 2 press conference in Stockholm. "First of all, all the guys who come into the UFC, now we changed the policy. You sign a deal with us, you get tested. You go into 'The Ultimate Fighter,' you get tested. We test. We don't even have to [expletive] test. That's not what we do. That's what the athletic commission does.

"Then the athletic commission now is doing random tests before, leading up to the fight, after the fight. They're being tested like crazy. The [expletive] testing in this sport is insane. It is literally the gold standard in all of sports."

"I have 375 fighters in every country all over the world," White said. "The battle that I have to get these guys to get their [expletive] bout agreements back and show up for press is [expletive] unbelievable. The fact that I have to make personal phone calls to tell guys to talk to the [expletive] press, now I'm going to start making personal phone calls to go show up for random drug tests?

"The general public and the media need to grasp some [expletive] concept of reality. The reality of us doing all the [expletive] things that we're doing when we already have the gold standard in drug testing, and then [expletive] try to chase 375 guys all over the world to randomly test them, too? It's impossible. You look at all the other organizations, … you look at all the other companies that have tried to do what we do, nobody can [expletive] do it. You know why? Because this job is insane."


"It's [expletive] crazy," White said. "I was standing in Las Vegas 10 hours ago filming a [expletive] TV show. Now I'm sitting here, and I'm going to randomly drug test 375 guys around the world?

"You know where I'm going in a few hours? To [expletive] Abu Dhabi. Then I go back and film 'The Ultimate Fighter.' Then I go back to Atlanta, Miami, and I'm in [expletive] Rio de Janeiro for three hours, then back to Las Vegas, where I'll film 'The Ultimate Fighter' again. And in between there somewhere, I'm going to randomly drug test 375 fighters?"

"We have a ton of staff, and the answer isn't throwing more bodies at this thing," White said. "When all this [expletive] happens, I have to make personal phone calls. Me. I have a full PR team, right? Good people – people from all over the world that have great [expletive] resumes and everything else. I have to make personal phone calls and say, 'Dude, why are you not showing up for this [expletive] thing you're supposed to do? Did you say no, you wouldn't do this?' I'm still making personal phone calls like that.

"It's an easy, random, general fun thing to throw around and say, 'Hey, I don't think the UFC is doing enough. I think they should do this and randomly drug test their 375 fighters.' We're already [expletive] doing it when they sign their contracts. It's being done before they come on 'The Ultimate Fighter.' It's being done by the athletic commission before, during and after fights. It's just, you guys are being [expletive] ridiculous."

White actually refused to discuss Overeem's situation on Saturday night, claiming he was too emotional about the subject to control his own response.

"I don't want to talk about it," White told the media.  "I'm too upset about it. Seriously, I can't talk about it.

"I will snap and freak out, and I don't want to do that. I can't talk about it."

"We are involved," White said. "Seriously, and I know that this is a crazy-hot topic right now, but literally in all of sports, we have the gold standard in testing policies and everything else the way these guys are tested.

"These guys are getting tested all the time. You know why we're sitting here talking about this? Because these guys are being [expletive] tested."

"It's not a secret, and it's not a secret in sports that you're going to have guys who are going to try to cheat," White said. "But guess what – to label the entire [expletive] sport this way? There's a lot of guys who don't cheat. There's a lot of guys who work hard and sacrifice and do all the right things, so to lump everybody into this drug-testing conversation is unfair to the guys that don't. And if you look at how many fights we put on and how much we've done over the last 11 years, there aren't a lot of [expletive] guys getting busted for using this stuff."

"For people to say, 'UFC should randomly test,' do you have any [expletive] idea how much [expletive] I do in a week?" White asked. "You know what I mean? And how many guys we're trying to keep a rein of and this and that and the other thing? You're grown men. You're [expletive] adults. You're professional athletes. How many [expletive] times do you have to be told not to do this? To the point where you just completely blow your entire [expletive] career?

"When people start saying, 'This is starting to affect the credibility,' it does not affect the credibility of the UFC. We are 100 percent more on top of drug testing than any other [expletive] sport on earth, other than the Olympics."





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"UFC Europa" is very possible in the near future

“UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta and I are coming up with some ideas on how to do more events so that we can feed these markets that are dying for it. The UK keeps terrorizing us, Ireland is part of it… A guy here tonight was asking about Norway, Germany we haven't been back to, every time we go to Australia, it's insane,” Dana White said.

One problem the UFC has encountered in moving across the globe is that time zones affect broadcast times back home in the US. It learned via its UK expansion that it is very hard to sell pay-per-view shows in the middle of the afternoon, while playing them on tape-delay also seems to lower the buys.

Previously, the UFC was opposed to the idea of regional variations of its product. It also frowned on the idea of regional or national champions. But lately a volte-face has been done on both of those ideas and now it seems the germs of a tiered system have been planned. One UFC executive said recently that a ‘UFC Europa’ was “very possible” in the near future.

“We've talked about doing two shows at the same time,” says White of plans to stage an event in Europe and then an event later that day in the US, which is between six and ten hours behind the US depending which two points you are measuring between.

“We've talked about doing a lot of stuff. But one of the things you guys have got to understand, the hardest part is the infrastructure. It's creating all this new talent, and it's not just fighters. It's commentators, it’s Buffer's position, cameramen - all the things that go along with putting on the event that we put on. It's a lot of work.”

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FULL VIDEO | UFC Primetime Jones vs Evans Episode 2

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Nogueira Favors Hunt Or Mir Over Others For Overeem Replacement

“It was a little weird because now it is just around the corner to decide who will be his [Alistair] substitute. If the doping is really confirmed and he can’t fight, the UFC will have to replace him on the card. There are many UFC heavyweight fighters who could replace Overeem well for Cigano make the title defense,”

“Fans suggested Hunt, who comes off three wins and would be a great fight. Frank Mir would be a good match-up. I think both guys would be more interesting than a rematch against Cain Velasquez, who just lost the title.”

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira’s shares his thoughts on the state if affairs in the Heavyweight division favouring Hunt or Mir for the title bout over former champion Cain Velasquez.

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Dana White still pissed off. Doesn't Want To Talk About Alistair Overeem, Letting Due Process Run Its Course

White told reporters at the press conference for UFC on Fuel TV 2 :

"I will snap and freak out and I don't want to do that," White told reporters following the conclusion of the press conference. "I don't want to talk about it. I'm too upset about it. Seriously, I can't talk about it."


"Everybody gets due process," White said. "Alistair Overeem will have his due process with the Nevada State Athletic Commission. We'll see what happens and we'll go from there. When it all goes down, somebody else will speak about this. Not me."

What has happened behind the scene? Lawyers happened.

Alistair Overeem's lawyers made the case that UFC would be breaking the contract with Overeem in case they cut him before April 24th hearing with Nevada State Commission.

So UFC, JDS and the fans have to wait until April 24th and as we have said before we belive that he will be licensed for UFC 146.

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UFC Sweden Results

Main Card (Live on Fuel TV)

Alexander Gustafsson defeated Thiago Silva via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)
Brian Stann defeated Alessio Sakara via Knockout (Punches, Round 1, 2:26)
Siyar Bahadurzada defeated Paulo Thiago via Knockout (Punches, Round 1, 0:42)
Dennis Siver defeated Diego Nunes via Unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
John Maguire defeated DaMarques Johnson via Submission (Armbar, Round 2, 4:40)
Brad Pickett defeated Damacio Page via Submission (Rear-naked choke, Round 2, 4:05)

Preliminary Bouts (Live on Facebook)

James Head defeated Papy Abedi via Submission (Rear-naked choke, Round 1, 4:33)
Cyrille Diabate defeated Tom DeBlass via Majority Decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-28)
Francis Carmont defeated Magnus Cedenblad via Submission (Rear-naked choke, Round 2, 1:42)
Simeon Thoresen defeated Besam Ypusef via Submission (Rear-naked choke, Round 2, 2:36)
Jason Young defeated Eric Wisely via Unanimous Decision (30-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Reza Madadi defeated Yoislandy Izquierdo via Submission (Guillotine choke, Round 2, 1:28)


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Dana White: Mark Hunt fight vs champ Junior Dos Santos at UFC 146 "ain't gonna"

STOCKHOLM – It was a valiant effort, Mark Hunt fans. But the rally will come up short. Following a massive online campaign to get Mark Hunt under consideration for a potential title fight – complete with its own #RallyforMarkHunt hashtag – UFC president Dana White squelched the possibility. If Alistair Overeem isn't cleared to fight heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos at UFC 146, Hunt won't be the replacement. "They can keep rallying," White said on Saturday following UFC on FUEL TV 2 at Stockholm's Ericsson Globe Arena. "That ain't going to happen. "Listen, Mark Hunt is going to have to fight one of the top guys. You don't just jump right into the title shot." When Overeem badly failed a surprise drug test earlier this month due to elevated testosterone levels, his availability for the May 26 pay-per-view event was cast into doubt. While ex-champ Frank Mir would appear the most likely candidate should Overeem be nixed following an April 24 Nevada State Athletic Commission hearing, many fans rallied for Hunt, a Kiwi kickboxer who's won three straight UFC fights since a 5-7 start to his pro MMA career. While Hunt has defeated the likes of Chris Tuchscherer, Ben Rothwell and Cheick Kongo during his recent run, White said the PRIDE veteran needs to face more quality competition before he'd get a chance at the belt. Hunt (8-7 MMA, 3-1 UFC) gets that opportunity on the UFC 146 main card when he meets Stefan Struve (23-5 MMA, 7-3 UFC) at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. "I have apologized and praised Mark Hunt for what he's been able to accomplish in the situation that he was in," White said. "I think this fight with Struve is a good fight for him. If he beats Struve, he'll break in and start fighting some of the top-five heavyweights in the world. "But first of all, I've got to say, anything can happen in a fight, but in all reality, it's not fair to Mark Hunt either to put the guy right in there with a Junior Dos Santos for a title shot. The guy (ideally) works his way up, he beats Struve, fights somebody in the top-five." In a recent interview Hunt said his fill-in status was a longshot. But the fighter, who's accumulated nearly 11,000 Twitter followers in just a few weeks, said he understood his new celebrity status among MMA fans. "I think they just like to see someone that's been down for such a long time and come back," Hunt said. "Everyone has hard times. This whole planet is going through bad times. I think it's just that they like to see the underdog get some. It's always the other way around." White, though, did offer some words of encouragement. While he won't get a title shot at UFC 146, Hunt isn't too far away, he said. "I guarantee you this: If he beats Struve, his next fight will be (against) somebody that's top-five that can get him closer to that title shot," he said. 

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Video: Alexander Gustafsson Is "The Next Big Thing"

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Video: Loudest UFC crowd ever: UFC on Fuel TV Reza Madadi - Stockholm

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