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Author: Michael Zand


Brian Stann Out of UFC on FOX 4 Main Event

The injury bug has hit the UFC once again.

UFC on FOX 4 headliner Brian Stann has been forced to pull out of his Aug. 4 fight against Hector Lombard due to an injured shoulder, has confirmed with sources close to the fight. According to those same sources, Stann will not require surgery for the injured shoulder, but will be on the sidelines for approximately 6-to-8 weeks.

No word just yet on who will replace Stann against the former Bellator middleweight champion later this summer.

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Greg Jackson will be eating a hamburger when Georges St. Pierre fights Carlos Condit

"Well, Georges is -- he's so smart, and is an incredibly attentive person. He really pays attention to whatever he's supposed to do for his rehab. He approaches it very scientifically, and Firas Zahabi and everybody up there at Tri-Star, they make sure that he does the right things to eat healthy. If he ends up fighting Carlos, I will be stepping out. I won't be cornering either person, and I'll be enjoying a hamburger somewhere when it happens."


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Rashad Evans eyes Jones, Machida rematches in the future

Speaking on his bout with current champion and former teammate and friend Jon Jones:

"It was difficult because it was a fight I really wanted, but it was a good learning tool because it helped me understand that things won't always go my way and it was something that helped me grow as a person. Did it hurt? Yes. Physically and emotionally. After the fight, a week later if felt like I had been in a car accident. My body was really banged up but my feelings were hurt more. But after a while you let it go. I didn't get him this time and I know he didn't get him he was a better fighter that night. I'm going to train, get better and I'll get a chance to fight him again.

I don't have any ill will towards him or anything like that right now. Probably when we fight again I'll have some words to say to him, but for the most part I don't have a problem with him. If he's the champion, I think I will fight him again, I think our paths will cross one more time. He is very tough because he is very tricky and he made some adjustments in the fight that were really key and that gave him the one. I think he is a tough champion for anybody to beat.

Speaking on what he feels like is next for him:

"I would like to Avenge my loss to Jones one day, but also to Machida. Last time he got me pretty good, and all those Internet pictures of me getting knocked out all over the internet."

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Tito Ortiz: The Final Word

Tito Ortiz, from "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" to the self-proclaimed "People's Champion," the former UFC 205-pound kingpin pioneered MMA's entertainment factor and fought the biggest names available in his 15 years in the sport. He looks back at his career with FIGHT! Magazine model/super nerd Corissa Furr. Directed and edited by Rick Lee.

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Budweiser: The Great Preparation

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EA just bought the UFC license from THQ!

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Rousey continues to taunt Tate on Twitter

Leading up to their fight, Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate engaged in a war of words on Twitter and to the MMA media. Rousey won the fight by armbar to win the Strikeforce Women's Bantamweight Championship, but the verbal jabs didn't stop. After the fight the two continued to go at it on Twitter and to the press.

Three months removed from the fight, and they are still taking pot shots:

Hey, look, me and @mieshatate are on the same diet:


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Is Kazushi Sakuraba the greatest fighter of all time?

by Mike Coughlin

This is one of a continuing series of blog entries on the greatest fighter of all time. The two most common choices are Fedor Emelianenko and Anderson Silva. Another candidate is Dan Henderson.

Years ago, Dave Meltzer's F4WOnline did an admittedly pro-pro wrestling piece, that argues unequivocally the greatest fighter of all time is Kazushi Sakuraba.

After years of complete dominance over the Mixed Martial Arts world, Kazushi Sakuraba has been in a bit of a downfall, to understate it. Newer fans may be watching him for the first time and, after hearing all the hype, find themselves saying, "What's the big deal? This guy keeps on losing." And long-time fans, who jump from bandwagon to bandwagon, now like to say that Saku was over rated.

Not only is Sakuraba not over rated, he's the greatest fighter in the history of MMA. And not just the greatest fighter by a little bit, but by such a wide margin that his skill level may never actually be met by another competitor for generations, if ever.

In order to explain why I've made such a definitive statement, one must understand weight cutting.

In August of 2002, the best heavyweight fighter in the world, Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera fought Bob "The Beast" Sapp. Sapp had previously fought in exactly two MMA fights, while Noguiera was the Pride Heavyweight champion, a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt, and had 19 fights in his career. Bob Sapp, the very definition of a novice, quite literally almost killed Noguiera during that match, and gave Rodrigo all he could handle for almost 12:00. The reason Sapp was able to do this?


One has to ignore the Sakuraba that currently exists. He's a shell of his former self. He has added considerable weight, though it mostly appears to be fat, as opposed to muscle. To get a picture of Sakuraba's true weight, one has to look at Saku in his prime.

Saku's weight was reported to be 183 lbs for his fights with Royce Gracie, Vitor Belfort, and all the rest. In the regular, non "combat sports", world 183 lbs is a big person, in MMA, that's incredibly small.

if Sakuraba properly cut weight, and being a former college wrestling star, there's no doubt he could, Saku would be a lightweight. Also, keep in mind that at 183 lbs, Saku's body was still far from ripped. In fact, at that weight, he still had enough fat on him that he had no visible abs.

Sakuraba is a lightweight. With that in mind, when one now takes a look at who Saku has defeated, it's not just incredible, it's basically impossible, except for the fact that Saku did it.

Saku holds victories over TWO top 10 Light HeavyWeight fighters, one former UFC HEAVYWEIGHT champion, a former UFC Welterweight champion, and four members of the legendary Gracie family. His only losses before his collapse, except for the fluke loss to Nino Schembri, were:
Wanderlei Silva when he was Pride MW (LHW under Unified Rules) champion;
Antonio Rogerio Nogueira then a top 10 LHW,
Mirko CroCop when he was a top 5 HW, and
Igor Vovchanchyn, then the #1 HW in the world.

Saku was clearly winning for the first 10 minutes of the Vovchanchyn fight, before he finally lost all his energy (which was the result of having fought for 90 minutes earlier in the night). By most accounts, Saku was competitive with "Lil Nog", was firmly in control of CroCop until suffering an unfortunate eye injury, and actually had Silva in a choke during the 2nd fight.

Sakuraba has fought and beat people who realistically outweigh him by anywhere from 30-50 pounds and has beaten most of them, or was at least very competitive against them.

Kazushi Sakuraba is a man who could realistically fight at 155 lbs, but who has fought and beaten some of the best in the world at 205 pounds, and who almost beat some of the best in the world at around 225 lbs. And not only beat people 50+ lbs bigger, but beat the most skilled people on earth at those higher weights. There will never be a man whose skill level is so great that he could routinely negate 50+ pounds. In the history of mixed martial arts, there is Kazushi Sakuraba, and then there is everyone else.

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Cris Cyborg calls out Ronda Rousey at World Jiu Jitsu Championships!

Cris Cyborg announces she wants a shot at Strikeforce 135lbs champion Ronda Rousey after her winning gold at the World Jiu Jitsu Championships. Lets she if she gets her wish!

Both Rousey and Cyborg have had a verbal fight on twitter after Cyborg put out a Photoshop picture of Carano all bloody and bruised.

Cris Cyborg to Rousey: You’re next.

Rousey: You have a d*ck, you d*ck.


If Zuffa decides to put this fight together this will be one of the biggest fights under the Strikeforce banner in recent memory. Cris is serving a one year suspension from testing positive for PED’s early this year.


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Michael Bisping: I haven't lost a fight since Dan Henderson

Michael "The Count" Bisping will be looking to bounce back from defeat to Chael Sonnen at UFC on FOX 3, fighting Tim Boetsch on the main card of UFC 148 in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, in his recent interview with, Bisping revealed he considers himself to be on a seven-fight winning streak, disregarding his losses to Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva.

Bisping quoted UFC President Dana White, who admitted the Brit was "robbed" by the judges at UFC on FOX 3:

"I don't know [if I get the next shot]. I've asked Dana, I've asked Joe Silva. I don't know. Dana called me after the Sonnen fight and I asked him, 'Where does this leave me in terms of the title?'. He said to me, 'In fairness Mike, you won the fight.' Not that he sent me my win bonus! Since Dan Henderson, I haven't lost a fight. The Wanderlei fight I was robbed of a decision, the Chael fight I was robbed, so it's going back to 2009. If you take those out, I haven't lost in seven or eight fights."

Bisping also revealed that he could be next in line for a shot at the UFC Middleweight title, if Chael Sonnen gets his hand raised at the end of the fight with Anderson Silva on July 7th. Unfortunately for "The Count", he finds himself in the mix with Mark Munoz, Alan Belcher, Brian Stann and Hector Lombard, all looking to make a title shot statement in their upcoming fights. Therefore, it looks like The Ultimate Fighter 3 winner will have to fight one more time in order to cement his place as the number one contender.

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